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ActinSpace: Challenge to leverage - 24h hackathons

Airbus is a major sponsor and part of the organizing team of the ActinSpace Challenge. To sum up it’s a series of 24h hackathons around Space with a local, national and the international round. The final is in Toulouse and the winners get to experience weightlessness with a flight in the Zero G aircraft!

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For m0ore info about the ActinSpace Challenge see this link: and the attachment.

Summer school Czech it out 2018 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

There will be two main streams: 1) Course Programme Modern Information Technology (MIT); 2) Course Programme Business and Intercultural Studies (BIS); 3) Optional subjects; Arrival & check-in date: 02.07. 2017 and 03.07.2017; First day of class: 04.07.2017; Last day of class: 03.08.2017; Departure & check-out date: dormitory check out  06.08 – 07. 08. 2017.

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Students will be given 6 credits after finishing the summer school program. ( The program consists of teaching courses, academic talks and company visits).Deadline: 20.4.2018. For more info and registration see this link:

EIT Digital Academy Summer Schools 2018

The Summer School's topics are selected for the relevance and challenges they pose, in an European context of global digital transformation and business models in a digital world. You will learn more about innovations and business cases relating to EIT Digital Action Lines Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure, and Digital Finance.

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Get insights in the latest digital technology innovation and business development this summer!More info here: and in the attached document!

Becas CSIC de Introducción a la Investigación

Solicitudes del 3 de mayo al 1 de junio

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La Presidencia de la Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas convoca 200 becas preferentemente orientadas a alumnos que vayan a realizar el Trabajo de Fin de Grado (TFG) o el Trabajo de Fin de Máster (TFM) en el curso académico 2018-2019. El objetivo es que esta iniciación en la carrera científica permita a la Agencia Estatal CSIC dar a conocer, en el ámbito universitario, . (...seguir leyendo)


Summer School 2018 - University of Pisa

"For the sixth year running, the University of Pisa is welcoming international students to study with us during the summer. Given the great success of previous years, and the ever-increasing interest from students, we have decided to update our summer offer. In the hope of making it wider and more varied, we will offer 25 courses spread over six disciplinary areas."

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Our university is one of the oldest in Italy, renowned for both its academic rigour and prestigious lecturers. This course gives students the opportunity to experience life at the University of Pisa. All information regarding the Summer Schools is available on the website, which can be found here:

TU Wien, Faculty of Informatics, 16 PhD Positions on Logical Methods in Computer Science

LogiCS focuses on logic and its applications in computer science. Successful applicants will work on interdisciplinary research topics covering(i) computational logic,(ii) databases and artificial intelligence,(iii) computer-aided verification, and(iv) emerging application domains, such as cyber-physical systems, distributed systems, and security & privacy.

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For more info see the attachment.