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Plazas de Doctorado en Deep Learning for the Development of Biomarkers of Age-related Brain Pathologies

Primavera/Otoño 2020

Anuncio. Enviado por decanato válido desde 11/11/2019 hasta 11/12/2019 (caducado)

Three Ph.D. positions are open for Spring/Fall 2020 at the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology (MRIIT). The research topic will be the development of MRI-based biomarkers of age-related brain pathologies using deep learning. Successful candidates should have a strong background in Electrical or Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or related fields. A strong computer programming background (e.g. Matlab, Python, C or C++) is required. Experience in medical image analysis is desirable. Students with machine learning background are particularly encouraged to apply. 

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