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Student Associations

ACM Students Chapter

ACM is an international scientific and educational organization working to advance the art, science, engineering and applications of information technology by promoting an open exchange of information. ACM encompasses almost all members of the computing research community. The ACM's works toward promoting knowledge of the science, design and construction of computer languages and applications, thereby providing a means of communication and interchange.

Histrión Theatre Group

The group targets all students that want to have a good time learning about and appreciating theatre. It offers wide-ranging and interesting activities: acting courses, artists festival, clown courses, improvisation, outings to professional theatres and productions for the UPM theatre festival."

Facultad de Informática Social and Cultural Group (ASCFI)

This is a very active association. It is engaged in wide-ranging fields, like the world of photography, video forum, camping and hiking, role-play and simulation competitions, radio, boardgames.

Onda Expansiva - the Facultad de Informática's radio station

The Facultad de Informática has had its very own radio station since the 1999/2000 academic year. It is run by students of the Facultad de Informática's Social and Cultural Group.

It broadcasts 24 hours a day all year round from the Facultad de Informática for all south-west Madrid. Tune in to 89.5 FM

Alpha – Omega

This association came together in response to students' need for all-round education. This is the ultimate aim of higher education, which should attach equal importance to students' academic, professional and humane education.
For this reason, we at the Alpha-Omega Association try to round out student instruction through activities, like talks, videos, cultural visits...
The Association is strongly inspired by Christian humanism, which explains the religious activities that we also carry out. Even so, the Association is open to all students, irrespective of their beliefs and ideologies.


Arcopoli is an association whose members do not want sexual orientation to influence the road towards self-fulfilment and happiness.

Members are lesbians, gays, transexuales, bisexuals and heterosexuals.

You can keep up with its activities at www.arcopoli.org, in the tuenti and facebook  social networks (Arcopoli universitaria) or by attending its meetings at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid associations meeting rooms on Wednesdays at 19.00.

Informatics and Telematics Club (C.I.T.F.I.)

This is an association open to all Facultad de Informática students that would like to get involved in extracurricular activities, like how to use Linux, design web pages, network topology, electronic security, game championships and on-line activities.

Sports Club

This is one of the UPM's 19 sports clubs and, as such, participates in the competitions organized by the UPM. Members participate in basketball, volleyball, football, five-a-side football, handball and rugby leagues. It also collaborates with the UPM's sports section in registering participants for individual sports competitions including athletics, swimming, tennis, archery, squash, etc.

T.S.J. Corporation (Coleópteros Magazine)

This association writes and publishes the Coleópteros (Beetles) magazine and the Y otros virus (And other virus) supplement. All students are welcome to collaborate with the magazine, and members of the teaching and administration and services staff also contribute sporadically.

With a view to encouraging reading and literary art, TSJ holds Voices of Spring, an open competition every year.

Potholing Group

This group targets cave lovers and all things related.

Musical Informatics Research and Development (I.D.I.M.)

This association focuses above all on musical informatics, although it is open to all sorts of music. The association organizes a number of courses of musical instruction. One of the key aims is to provide members with instruction through courses with wide-ranging themes, subscriptions to important musical informatics journals and competitions. This association has a small composition studio.


This is an association whose design is to promote manga/anime, Japanese culture, video games and alike in higher education and Madrid society.

TICProc - Solutions

This is the Facultad de Informática's Junior Enterprise. Its goal is to reconcile the world of work with higher education, encouraging an enterprising spirit and teamwork. The association operates like a business that provides computing services to a number of clients. Members benefit from what they learn by cooperating with organizations from outside the Facultad de Informática and participating in real projects.

Facultad de Informática Tuna

The Tuna (a student musical group) is an experience exclusive to higher education; it is an alternative way of living this stage of your life and combining social and intellectual enterprises.

Our key concern is to entertain, singing to people as we go, and above all to have a good time ourselves. You will find us courting lasses under a balcony, travelling all over the world in representation of the Facultad de Informática at tuna contests or maybe singing to your classmate in the cafeteria.
The Tuna is open to all students that want to get to know new people, learn how to play an instrument, get to see the world without spending a penny and sing without having to compete in a talent contest.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs