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Laboratory internships

There are three basic types of collaboration on both teaching and research tasks at the Facultad de Informática: first-cycle, second-cycle or doctorate internships. As a first-cycle student you can join a department and apply your knowledge to the department software management or work together with a professor on the design of practical assignments or occasional research. As a second-cycle student you are entitled to become a full member of a research group and work on knowledge generation; senior students can even develop their final-year project. As a doctorate student you will be a fully-fledged researcher, and you will be developing your own research.

Through this collaboration you will learn about the latest developments in the fields of knowledge that you are studying as part of your degree: things that are not yet in books... and are not even published in the newspapers, but which you can find in research articles. You may even get to write your own articles, work on research and make a contribution to science. You will be creating what others will study in the future...

Take an interest in what's going on at your school. Speak to department professors and researchers. Get in the know!

Your best option is to contact the leaders of the units where you would like to work directly: departments, laboratories, and research groups. Look up offers on web pages and go and talk to department and research group directors: you will always be welcome. Also check department noticeboards, where placement offers are often posted: this page lists some but certainly not all offers...

Internships for undergraduate students

For undergraduate students, there are both official notices and occasional offers by departments and research laboratories


Doctorate internships

The following grant and internship options are open to students intending to pursue doctoral studies:

Facultad de Informática internship offers