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Information on transferring from the 1996 to 2009 degree programme

This page explains the procedures, deadlines and other information likely to be of interest to students intending to transfer to the 2009 degree programme.

Procedures and constraints for transferring to the 2009 degree programme

Students shall only be allowed to transfer to the new 2009 degree programme during the enrolment period for the September term at the start of the academic year. Transfer is not possible in the enrolment period for the February term.

The degree programme transfer procedure starts with your course place reservation and credit transfer application, and ends with enrolment for the September term. Each procedure is detailed below.

Reserving your course place

Students intending to transfer to the 2009 degree programme shall have to submit a course place reservation application to the Registry, specifying the subjects that they intend to take in the September term of the following academic year. To do this, students should consult the 1996-2009 degree programme subject adaptation table to decide which subjects they should enrol for bearing in mind the course units for which they will be granted credit transfer (see Applying for credit recognition section).

The purpose of this reservation is to assure that students are allocated a place on the course that they plan to enrol for and can start to attend classes on 2 September.

Enrolment for the 2009 degree programme is six-monthly. Students shall have to enrol for the September term subjects at the start of the academic year and re-enrol for February term subjects at the end of the first term.

In the September term students shall be able to take degree programme subjects from the first, second and third terms in conformity at all times with the UPM enrolment policy for undergraduate degrees. Students that have passed the 1996 degree programme Logic course unit are advised to enrol for Logic in the February term under the 2009 degree programme, as a special group will be scheduled for these students for that term.

Students can reserve course places as of 27 July 2009 and throughout the month of August.

Applying for credit recognition

Students that have sat all the examinations to which they are entitled in the 2008/2009 academic year should apply for recognition of credits earned under the 1996 degree programme as soon as they receive notice of which 1996 degree programme subjects they have passed.

Credit recognition is calculated according to the 1996-2009 degree programme subject adaptation table criteria. From these criteria, students can ascertain for exactly which subjects they will be granted credit transfer.

Students shall be entitled to apply as of 27 July and up to five days after the publication of the first preliminary results of the September first-year 1996 degree programme subjects examination session. Students may submit this application together with their course place reservation or separately.

Each student shall be notified individually in writing of the decision on their application.

Enrolling for the September term

After having received notice of the result of their credit recognition applications, students that have reserved a course place shall be entitled to enrol for the September term. They should enrol in person at the Registrar's Office, following the ordinary enrolment procedure.

Until they receive notice of the results of their credit recognition application, students should, as of the start of the academic year on 2 September 2009, attend lectures on all the subjects for which they have reserved a place, even if they have not yet enrolled.

Students shall not be obliged to enrol for subjects listed in the course place reservation for which they are later granted credit transfer.

Students that fail to comply with the 1996 degree programme continuation policy at the end of the 2008/09 academic year and would like transfer to the 2009 degree programme and continue at the School of Computing should contact the Students' Guild to find out how to correctly fill in the application for admission to state universities in the district of Madrid in September.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs