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Complaints and suggestions box

The purpose of this process is to manage complaints, suggestions and congratulations received by the ETSI INF.  The main goal of the process is to assure that each incident is dealt with by the respective organizational unit and that the person concerned has access to the status of their reported incidents.
Incident management is an important system for encouraging the participation of internal and external users in the improvement of the quality of the institution's services.

Incidents Reporting

The ETSI INF encourages all of its users to send complaints, suggestions and congratulations when appropriate.

There are two main channels for reporting such incidents:
- Electronic processing

- In person, by presenting an Incident complaint form at the office of the registrar of the ETSI INF.

Incident Processing

All incidences are recieved by the Quality Office.  This office will supervise the processing of the incident to make sure that it has been resolved and that users have been informed regarding their resolution. All incidents will be resolved in the 15 working days following their receipt.