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Series of talks on Category Theory

Organized by ACM UPM

Evento. Enviado por decanato válido desde 12/04/2018 hasta 14/04/2018 (caducado)
Datos de evento
Conferenciante: Dr. Bartosz Milewski. University of Washington
Lugar evento: H1003
Celebración evento: desde el día 09/04/2018 hasta el 13/04/2018 desde las 17:00 hasta las 19:00
Dr. Bartosz Milewski ( got his PhD in Theoretical Physics in Poland. He has worked for Microsoft designing and implementing a search engine. He then created his own micro company, Reliable Software, which makes a distributed version control system. He wrote the book “C++ in Action, Industrial Strength Programming in C++.” He started digging into Computer Science, enlisting in graduate courses at the University of Washington, and later joined Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu in designing and implementing the D programming language. His interest in C++ template metaprogramming and concurrency naturally led him to Haskell, and then to category theory.
  • The relationship between category theory, Martin Löf type theory, and proof-relevant constructive logic
  • Definition of a category. Category of sets and functions.
  • Terminal object, empty context, logical truth value, global elements, generalized elements.
  • Opposite category, initial object, logical false value.
  • Product. Introduction and elimination of product. Logical AND.
  • Coproduct, sum types, logical OR.
  • Monoidal categories and algebraic data types
  • Functors and functoriality of product and coproduct
  • Function objects (exponentials), typed lambda calculus, logical implication
  • Cartesian closed categories
Dates: April 9th -13th April, 17.00 - 19.00
Language: English
Room: H1003