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Master in Informatics Engineering


This Degree meets the Euro-Inf Framework Standards and Accreditation Criteria, according to EQANIE (European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education).



For additional information about EnrolmentTimetables, etc., please visit the webpage in Spanish



General Information

The goal of this Master Degree, active since 2013-2014 in the Techincal School of Informatics Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos, ETSIInf), is to train students to be the leaders in the processes of innovation and digital trasformation that are going on nowadays in our society. Thanks to its international reputation, the broad offer of mobility programmes and the possibility of obtaining double degrre with the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Master in Informatics Engineering guarantees international recognition to its students.

Students are trained to acquire a high level of practical skills, together with entrepreneurship and ability to manage projects; they will acquire a solid background in Software EnginneringArtificial IntelligenceBig Data, Internet-based services, Virtual Environment SimulationCybersecutiryRoboticsInternet of Things, etc.

Importantly, this Degree stands out due to its unspecialized character, in that it provides training in most areas of Informatics Engineering.


IMPORTANT: This Degree includes a Itinerario de Formación Dual (Double training), in which the student will be allowed to be enrolled in the Master while having a contract in one of the technology-related companies that have a special relationship with the ETSIInf. 40% of the ECTS will correspond to this professional activity.  More info: Oficina de Relaciones Externas (OREX), orex@etsiinf.upm.es

IMPORTANT: This Degree has a Double Degree with the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA. This guarantees that studies in Europe will be automatically recognized in the USA. More info: Oficina de Relaciones Externas (OREX), orex@etsiinf.upm.es

Number of ECTS Creditos


The student will have to pass 120 ECTS, divided into 4 semesters; this amounts to two years full-time (1 ECTS = 27 work hours).


Spanish, English (those students that are not native speakers in any of these two languages will have to provide B2 certification).





Students may ask to spend the second year of their studies in one of the foreign universities that have a learning agreement with UPM, More info: Oficina de Relaciones Externas (OREX), orex@etsiinf.upm.es



For admission to the Master in Informatics Engineering programme, students should apply online.

Important note for students who have not completed their undergraduate degree programme:

Students who at the time of application do not hold the qualifications required for admission to master's programmes but are scheduled to finish the respective programmes in the ongoing academic year are eligible for conditional admission.

Applications submitted through the HELIOS program require applicants to attach a degree certificate or degree certificate application. Any students who have not completed their degree programme and do not therefore qualify for a degree certificate should attach a brief explanatory note specifying the date upon which they are scheduled to complete their degree programme in order to finalize their application.


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